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Telescoping Overhead Removal System

Our exclusive telescoping overhead exhaust removal system stays up and out of the way until needed. Quick to use. Easy to put away.

This system includes an air duct saddle, a self-storing telescoping hose assembly, a vinyl coated stirrup that holds the assembly in place when not in use, and a stainless steel tailpipe adapter.

• Eliminates reels, winches, and pulleys.
• Simple Installation!
• All metal parts are made of stainless steel.
• Exclusive design sold only through GPI

Amato Ford - Mukwonago, WI
Underfloor Removal Systems

Underground Floor Fixture with Saddle

All underfloor exhaust systems include a patented floor fixture, which features an unbreakable, spring-loaded cover and is adjustable to 4" in height, and air duct saddle, and a hose with a tailpipe adapter and an insertion guide.

• This patented floor fixture is extremely durable. It will not break under pressure.
• Cover closes automatically. It cannot be left open! This means you work in safety.
• We will customize the system for your service department, Just call and give us the details.


Replacement Floor Flanges & Covers

The replacement floor flange kits for underground exhaust systems feature a flange and patented spring-loaded exhaust fixture cover.

• Simple Installation.
• Replaces any damaged or broken fixture.
• Cover closes automatically. You do not have to attend to details, yet your floors remain safe and free from holes.
• Single or dual entry.
• Low cost ... durable ... long lasting!

Auto and Diesel Pull Up Removal System

Diesel Stack - top view with air gate opened half way

The system includes an air duct saddle that attaches to the air duct, a 5" or 6" diameter stack adapter with air gate, a reel assembly with 1/4" x 40' nylon rope and wrap-rope braking mechanism, two pulleys, and an anchor snap. The adapter grip pole is optional.

• Simple installation.
• Less Clutter. Keep your exhaust tubing up and out of the way.
• Air gate can be shut to eliminate heat loss from your building.
• Optional reel assembly easily secures the hose exactly where you want it.
• Optional wall winch with automatic brake for heavy-metal use.
• Optional adapter grip pole for easy positioning.

Please see page 7 of our catalog for information on the Auto Pull Up System.

Through-the-Door Removal System

The system includes a tailpipe adapter, a 3" diameter crush-proof hose, and a 4" diameter galvanized steel tube with exhaust port.

• Designed for 10 foot wide overhead doors.
• Eliminates the need for fans in small commercial and private garages.
• Simple installation.
• Seals the exhaust port when the hose is retracted. It is rodent and draft proof!
• Stores on the door when not in use.